INFJs and Confrontation Debilitation

As an INFJ, how many times throughout your life do you think that you have put off a confrontation or avoided it at all costs? Probably far too many times to remember! It becomes a part of who we are. We tend to describe ourselves as peace-loving, diplomatic and non-confrontational. But as ‘non-confrontational’ as our … Continue reading INFJs and Confrontation Debilitation

Let’s Talk Personality Types – Discovering INFJ

Yay, one of my favourite subjects to discuss! I did a couple of online tests that are based on the Isabel Myers Briggs/Carl Jung theory of the 16 different personality types. Find the test here: The personality types are made up of 4 letters and are categorised by - Extraversion - Introversion Sensing - … Continue reading Let’s Talk Personality Types – Discovering INFJ