Tarot/Oracle Readings – 5.55 For 5 Cards ✨

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world! I am offering combined tarot and oracle readings for only 5.55 (of any currency). I have practiced tarot privately for almost 4 years and have gained so much guidance and insight from the readings, especially when I needed it the most. I now want to share this … Continue reading Tarot/Oracle Readings – 5.55 For 5 Cards ✨

Raise Your Vibration At Home ✨

Raise Your Vibration At Home ✨ https://raisingvibes.wordpress.com/2021/01/22/raise-your-vibration-at-home-%e2%9c%a8/ — Read on raisingvibes.wordpress.com/2021/01/22/raise-your-vibration-at-home-✨/

Raise Your Vibration At Home ✨

Particularly helpful in these times whilst there’s a pandemic and things are generally subject to change, meaning that we have to adapt and implement new routines and possibly encounter new sources of anxiety or stress. With many areas going into ‘lockdowns’ or that may have restrictions placed upon them that requires them to stay at … Continue reading Raise Your Vibration At Home ✨

INFJs and Confrontation Debilitation

As an INFJ, how many times throughout your life do you think that you have put off a confrontation or avoided it at all costs? Probably far too many times to remember! It becomes a part of who we are. We tend to describe ourselves as peace-loving, diplomatic and non-confrontational. But as ‘non-confrontational’ as our … Continue reading INFJs and Confrontation Debilitation

Happy One Year Anniversary to my Little Blog 🎉✨

Hello everyone, good morning from Scotland to wherever in the world you are. 🙂 Today marks the first anniversary of Raising Vibrations, so I thought I would take this opportunity to finally post a little update! I have been inactive since the beginning of September 2018, due to nothing more than life becoming very busy indeed. … Continue reading Happy One Year Anniversary to my Little Blog 🎉✨