Raise Your Vibration At Home ✨

Particularly helpful in these times whilst there’s a pandemic and things are generally subject to change, meaning that we have to adapt and implement new routines and possibly encounter new sources of anxiety or stress. With many areas going into ‘lockdowns’ or that may have restrictions placed upon them that requires them to stay at home a lot of the time. I’ve got you covered with how to snap out of low-vibrational states of mind and, ultimately, raise your vibration.

Disclaimer: this may or may not work for everyone, I am no expert – I would like to show others how I personally help myself in the hope that some people out there struggling through this pandemic are able to apply these strategies to their own lives and benefit.

1. Actively look for silver-linings and optimism when faced with issues or situations that would normally send you into a state of negativity – Now, do not expect this to be simple or come easily if you are used to maintaining a pessimistic attitude or outlook. Or if your normal mode of function is stress or negative self-talk. That is why I started the sentence with the word ‘actively.’ It is something you will actively have to practice every day to re-train yourself to think differently. There’s no magic potion that’s going to turn you into an optimist. It takes a lot of commitment and control to begin building a happier, more joyful state of mind. Every time you react positively, or even cease to react at all, to a hardship in which you have no control over, consider yourself levelling up your vibration. The vibration that you emit into the universe will keep bringing things into your life that are a vibrational match. Maintain a growth mindset, only ever comparing yourself to how you were yesterday. You might find after a while of practicing this that you don’t have as many emotional outbursts or you no longer always think the worst, and that is due to relinquishing the need to control what you actually can’t control. All you can control is your reaction.

2. Move your body – Anxiously shaking your leg does not count! This is of course for if you are able to freely move your body, I compassionately understand that not everyone is able to. So if you can, try to value being able to move with ease and make use of it. When you feel overcome with whatever you are feeling whether it’s anxiety, low mood, stress – get in tune with your body and move. Whether it’s through exercise, yoga, tai chi, going for a walk or, my personal favourite, dancing and just letting loose with absolutely no direction, literally just letting your soul flow out from your body. It is such a good way to snap out of a mindset that you would much rather not be in. So allow your brain to release dopamine and endorphins as you move your way out of your bad mood and into a higher vibrational version of yourself.

3. Cleanse and de-clutter your personal space – for me, this one is a must. Often our surroundings are a visual representation of what’s going on inside of us. When we start letting things get into a mess, possibly avoiding it or procrastinating over it, it signals that everything is not a-okay within. I’m not saying go and dust and scrub every little corner of your house. Tidy and organise your home to the standards that are good enough for you personally. Our homes are our safe spaces and an extension of our energy fields. Perhaps make a routine of tidying your house to standard that is reasonable for you everyday, deciding which are daily, weekly or monthly cleaning tasks. It’s amazing how much you’re able to relax when the physical space around you is tidy and organised.

4. Immerse yourself in water 💦 – whether that is by way of a shower, bath, hot tub, jacuzzi, river or lake. Cleanse your body and your energy field at the same time. My favourite is having a bath with lots of lovely herb bath soak and bath salts. Also a great way to relax, immersing yourself in water can be quite meditative. Focus on your bodily sensations and take deep breaths for an ever more relaxing experience. Seriously, this one is so simple yet so essential not just for hygiene but for energy cleansing and relaxation.

5. Connect with nature – whether that means going for a walk in the woods or tending to much-loved house plants, connecting with nature connects us to our source – nature once provided everything for us humans in order to sustain ourselves and certainly still does. Past studies have show that children who spend time exploring nature tend to be much happier within themselves, more creative and healthier than children who have little exposure to nature and the outdoors. Here’s a few ideas on how to connect with nature: the obvious one – go out for a walk, walk on the grass barefoot, take deep breaths of fresh air, notice the sounds and smells of nature, collect things from the outdoors and bring them indoors such as leaves, acorns and pine cones, gaze at the sky and allow it to remind you how amazing the natural world is, exercise or meditate outdoors. There are so many ways in which we can value nature and connect to it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and maybe you’ve even found alternative ways to renew your frequency. Feel free to comment on what you do to raise your vibration at home. Times can be a little tough right now and I think it’s imperative, now more than ever, to look after yourself and others which prompted me to write this post. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there. ✨

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