Social Media Detox

Once again, I have deactivated and detached myself from all forms of social media (aside from WordPress and reddit). So Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (the ones which I feel are the most addictive) are gone for time being so I can allow myself some time away from it all to recharge.


I have no idea if social media tends to have this effect on every user, but it really makes me feel as though we are losing touch with what is real. Not just that, but it also becomes a habit to just take out your phone whenever you’re bored and scroll through your favourite social media app, which isn’t exactly a positive thing. A lot of the time, we are choosing to do this when we are bored rather than stimulate our minds another way. Sometimes we choose to scroll through rather than do things that actually need done. Other times, we’re so engrossed in a phone, eyes glued to the screen, that we ignore loved ones or become annoyed when our scrolling is disturbed. This is a problem for me because it is something I am extremely aware of. Especially so since having my little girl, I have always been very conscious of how often I use my phone around her. I don’t want her to get to about 5 years old and come to the conclusion in her young and impressionable mind that ‘mummy/daddy are always looking at their phones, that must be what adults do’ followed by ‘I want to look at a phone all the time too!’


It’s not just for my daughters sake, although I would very much like to see her grow through the years with an array of her own interests and hobbies with a creative flair as oppose to having a phone chained to her wrist. But it is also for my own sake. Social media (Facebook especially) disturbs my peace. I see hate, despair, terror, misinformed and uninformed opinions. I see perfect lives, perfect children, trends to follow and popularity competitions. It basically goes against my values. I value authenticity above a lot of other qualities. Authenticity is rarely something that social media promotes. It’s rare that I read something on Facebook and think ‘wow! This person really is writing straight from the soul.’ Because people are usually trying to appeal to an audience, to gain likes, follows and popularity – authenticity, normally, goes out the window.


Don’t get me wrong though, of course it has some good qualities. Such as being able to stay in touch with old friends and family you don’t see often, it brings awareness to many causes in need of support, it brings attention to personal experiences worth sharing, it gives us all some relatable, common ground with one another. As always, the bad cannot exist without the good and vice versa. For me personally though, I feel the bad outweighs the good in regards to social media. It gives me an odd anxiety and often causes me to feel, in some way, negatively affected no matter what it is I have read or seen.


So if you have noticed that I have disappeared off the face of the social media planet, do not fear, I’m not going through a traumatic event, I’m not depressed, I’m not becoming a hermit or a social recluse, I am simply detoxing from that world. I’m enjoying the physical here and now with my family and creating some unforgettable memories and manifesting my own sense of inner peace.



Thanks for reading!

Emily ✨


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pandemedium says:

    I do that as well from time to time and think it is essential form of discipline. Facebook is the worst for me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on it. Great post per usual 👏🐼👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ShiftyBlake says:

    I great post. I too for the first time ever stopped for September.. I have been able to concentrate more and enjoy watching films all the way through. I’m not sure if the two are connected but I do feel less distracted …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emily L. S. says:

      Well done! Yes it’s probably a connection, social media at the finger tips is so distracting 🤪


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