The Gift – A Poem

Happy 1st of August, all 🌸 I have been writing some poetry, something I haven’t excelled myself in for a long time, and I want to share it with my amazing readers.


So vast is earth, the solar system, the universe

One can hardly comprehend

So many existing as the human race

Yet we spend our lives looking for our place,

A sense of belonging, a life of meaning

To be honoured, liked and loved

To make a difference on this planet

Hoping to, at the end, reach the land above

We are so much more than we think,

Than we feel.

Nature is a gift in which we are a part of

When you destroy this gift, you decline yourself of love

Peace, happiness, light, wholeness

Being at one with what you can see and what you cannot,

A life absent of true appreciation and limitless thought

So let it flow, breathe and believe

In the beauty of this universe as it guides us,

It will never let us fall

Be wise enough to know

That you truly know nothing at all.



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