The Therapy of Writing (or typing!)


Throughout my life I have used writing as a way of putting my thoughts into the perfect words that my mouth could rarely deliver. It’s a great way to gain a clearer understanding of how you feel and think. For example, if you have an issue or are going through a struggle that you feel is so bad that you are unable to open up to someone you trust, open up to yourself. Get it all out, read it then re-read it. Then it’s your choice to share your issues with someone else or  keep it to yourself. But the main thing is; it’s out. It’s released from your mind, there in front of you and it’s amazing just how clearer you’re able to think about the issue at hand.

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Thoughts and feelings that are left inside your mind unexpressed are bound to not only be in a bit of a muddle (over-thinking, catastrophizing or even downplaying your struggles) but they have a very insidious effect on your mental and physical health. Unexpressed thoughts, feelings and emotions can bring with it many mental health complications such as depression, anxiety and stress, to only name a few of the most common conditions. These conditions, in turn, can then begin to affect your physical health, social relationships and your general zest for life.


It doesn’t even matter if you’re a talented writer or a novice, anyone can produce a piece of intimate writing that is unique and meaningful, if only to themselves. I’ve always felt as though I was able to get to know someone better through reading their work, be it at school or college or in their own home. Reading whatever it was that they had produced, even if it didn’t say all that much, I was able to get a glimpse inside their mind. The person behind the persona. 

Putting your thoughts into words, be it on paper or on a screen, is intimate. You will know this yourself if you’ve ever owned a diary/journal, especially as child, the thought of your parent/sibling reading it was a torturous nightmare! You would feel exposed. Well, I must say, I kinda feel this way since starting a blog. But it’s not just my parent/sibling that I am anxious about reading it, it’s everyone I know in my personal life. This is where my self-conscious anxieties shine like a diamond. The fear of what others may think of me, my experiences and observations is almost enough for me to discontinue writing a blog. Then I remember that the purpose of this blog is personal growth, development and most importantly it’s my own type of therapy, which I sincerely hope can inspire others to free their mind and their thoughts.


Regardless of how exposed you may feel, a blog is platform to have your voice heard. This in itself is great therapy and good for your self-esteem.

Why did you start a blog and what do you feel you have achieved on a personal level? I would love to know 😊



Emily ✨

7 thoughts on “The Therapy of Writing (or typing!)

  1. I started blogging earlier this year as a creative outlet to express myself. So far I am having a blast. It’s nice to share your joy and passion with others and I enjoy reading other people’s blogs just as much. Love this blogging community ☺️! Also, my Blog It is a major stress reliever for me. I really like your Blog 😊👍

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    1. Thanks so much! Yours is great ☺️ I find it useful in developing my language and writing skills and it’s just such a great outlet to offload the infj ramblings 😂


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    To celebrate Raising Vibrations first birthday, here is my my first ever post, detailing the whole reason I started blogging in the first place. Hope you enjoy reading and thank you for following me guys ✨


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